[4 UTR FDG 1]

Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind

Missin’ You EP

Original release date: January 1994.
Re-press available on vinyl: 11 January 2019
Remasters available for digital purchase and streaming: 19 January 2019
Producer: Frank de Groodt



Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind

This techno beauty marks Frank de Groodt’s recording debut. On U-TRAX, where else? ;-)

Pure techno on this 4-track EP: one funky Detroit-techno track, one freaky and pumping track, and two versions of the title-track. The track was remixed by DJ White Delight and DJ Zero One and made into an ambient-style technotrip. Quite kewl, if we might say so!

This classic will see a re-release in January 2019.



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