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Nov 16, 2018

Out now: Tick Trax six pack on Phoq U

One year after he set dancefloors on fire with his first Tick Trax EP on U-TRAX, Heinrich Tillack returned with another 6 raw trax on Phoq U.

More pure and raw Chicago-inspired techno and acid from German Heinrich Tillack appeared on the U-TRAX sublabel Phoq U Phonogrammen, one year after his Tick Trax Vol. 1 release on U-TRAX. This banging piece of vinyl is available again as of today, from many different outlets, like Clone Records.
The first Tick Trax release was actually one of the inspirations for the creation of the sordid and rash U-TRAX subdivision, so it only makes sense that his second outing appeared on Phoq U.

Later today, the remastered versions will be available for the first time in digital form, for purchase and streaming at most of the major digital music stores and streaming services, like Tidal.
Meanwhile, have a look at the record's entry at the Discography section for further details, read more about Heinrich Tillack at the Artist pages, or jump to the info page for some background on Phoq U Phonogrammen.

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