Nuklear Prophet

Nuklear Prophet, aka Erik Villalpando is a true turntablist and producer who was born in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He grew up in downtown LA, a rough part of town, riddled with pimps, hookers, junkies, gangs and bums.

Erik discovered hip-hop and electro at the age of 7, when he mistakenly tuned into a local AM radio station called K-Day 93.5. It was on a Saturday that he was introduced to his first mix show ever, and something just clicked. Erik loved how the tunes on the radio would never seem to stop, in his juvenile fantasy he thought the DJ that worked at the radio station had died and his body was laying on the console pressing the auto play button.
Later he found out it was a DJ playing records on 2 turntables. Erik would tune into the mix show every weekend, the show was hosted by some of the most influential Los Angeles DJs of that time (Tony G, DJ Joe Cooley, Julio G, and DJ Aladdin).
At that point he was sold and knew DJ’ing would become his life calling. Amazed at the sound of scratching, he made it a point to learn how to scratch and fully emersed himself into that life.

In his teenage years, Erik was part of an L.A. crew called The Hardcore Junkies who would drive to different county neighborhoods, looking for back yard parties to spin gabber, electro and hip-hop, while battling other crews.
He started showcasing his scratching skills at DJ contests, winning several of them, including the World Records DJ Competition (winning in ’99, ’01, ’02), championing at the Sam Ash DJ Competition 2005, winning the Astro Music’s - Across the Fader competition (2013) and participating in Red Bull Thre3style DJ Competition (2013), all under his DJ Dope-E alias.

At the age of around 18, Erik decided he wanted to start making music. His first set-up included a Vestax 8-track recorder and an Akai S20 sampler, later adding a Yamaha RM1x, an Akai MPC 2000 and an Access Virus TI.
In his youth, Erik would mainly make battle intros and turntablism-style tracks before turning to Logic to experiment with electro type beats. Still being a self-taught artist today, he’s appreciative of abstract music and is always jumping into different styles of music. Erik’s love of melodies is reflected in his deep and hypnotizing music.

As a child, he would not get to go outside and play much, but instead would stay indoors and just listen to his moms old 45s collection, which consisted of funk, soul and disco.
When producing music, Erik has visions about wastelands after a nuclear explosion, and he tries to create music that could be accompanying those scenes. This is how he came up with his new moniker Nuklear Prophet. As Nuklear Prophet, he’s had various releases on Urban Connections, Abseits Recordings, Diffuse Reality and Bass Agenda Recordings before being scouted by U-TRAX.
The compilation on Bass Agenda Recordings featured his track ‘808 Plague’, which was a huge success, raising money for the NHS (the UK’s National Health Service) and Doctors Without Borders. This track will appear on his forthcoming full-length album Prophecies 11:21, to be released in November 2021. The Egyptian Lover remix on this L.A. Rockz EP will open the album.

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