Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind

Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind and Sonar Base are just two of the many alter egos of Frank de Groodt, from Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
Frank is one of the most successful artists that started their career on U-TRAX.

At the time of his debut, he lived in Hoevelaken, a small town outside the city of Amersfoort, which is where he was born and lives again these days, some 30 minutes northwest of Utrecht.
His first ever release in January 1994 was a techno EP on U-TRAX, as Pieces of a Pensive State of Mind. Later that year, he released his first 12”-es on Djax records as The Optic Crux, and he continued to keep making up artists names in the following 25 years, like Fastgraph, The Operator and Sonar Base (also on U-TRAX). He is also one half of the live outfit Random XS (together with DJ Zero One), collaborated with Arno Peeters (a.k.a. Spasms) as Urban Electro and with Detroit’s Dennis Richardson as Ultradyne. And that’s not even all of his alter egos.

Frank's releases on U-TRAX / Phoq U:
Missin' You EP
Missin' You EP (2019 rerelease)
Crossin' The Madmoon EP
Sonar Bases 4 - 10
Sonar Bases 4 - 10 (2019 rerelease)

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