QUALIA is an acid collective founded by Marco Simioni and Matteo Mazreku. The term "QUALIA" is an expression philosophers use for bits of perception or subjective, conscious experience.

It comprises a separate bit of experience, different from thinking about propositions or streams of consciousness thoughts. As a collective, this name works as an expression of intention as the members think Music is what unites us all and should be shared with like-minded people.

Francesco Pio Nitti (who already released on the label 030303 with his moniker Caramel Chameleon and got the attention of influent artists of the IDM and acid scene) was the first to join the team. He did it with a straight leg by sharing fire 303 lines (included in the collective debut EP), which granted him his innate belonging to the collective.

QUALIA aims to expand the family in the future, hoping to find people with similar musical aesthetics and taste to work with for future releases.

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