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The Last Rung of the Ladder EP

The industrial techno sounds from the only UK producer on U-TRAX have never stopped fascinating techno lovers since its original release in 1994.


The Last Rung of the Ladder EP by enigmatic British producer Paul Bishop (aka The Ghost That Walks) has been re-mastered and released in digital format for the first time ever.

Bishop - The last rung of the ladder EP_dig_600x600px_red
The EP was released in 1994 on vinyl only and featured the title song The Last Rung of the Ladder, along with an acid remix by Sp@sms and label owner DJ White Delight (Dr. Who Mix) and the popular electro Miami Deep South Mix by Sp@sms.
In addition, the industrial sounding Black & Red Rivers and From The Same Mould have been favorites under techno connaisseurs for over 25 years, and still get played today by respected DJs like Helena Hauff.

All tracks have been remastered by Paul Mac for some extra boomshakala.

Listen to and download this EP here:

Original vinyl release: September 1994
Remasters available for digital purchase and streaming: January 29, 2021.

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