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The Artists Formerly Known As The Connection Machine (Utrecht, Netherlands) go raw and mean on this one! If the underground The Hague-style from the 90s is your thing, this 12" is your cup of tea. 4 hectic 808/303 trax, all mixed in a dirty way, with loadsa fx on the 303.

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The title track is originally meant as a replacement for the original game music of level 9 of the 2nd episode (E2L9) of the computer game Doom. The artists thought the original score wasn't doing right to the intensity of the game and made their own apocalyptic soundtrack. Gnawing the heart already proved its usefulness on many a dancefloor, whilst Choice chip will satisfy the ultimate speed freaks amongst you. If you're not into drugs or mushrooms, I wish my zapper was a gun can deliver you the same effects: it's a psychedelic space-acid trip, built around a sample of the sitcom Neighbours.

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You can’t get wrong with this vintage and merciless dance floor material from the mid-nineties.

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Original vinyl release: October 1995
Available again on vinyl: 7 December 2018
Remasters available for digital purchase and streaming: 7 December 2018

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