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P.A. Presents

Flight Stimulator EP

P.A. Presents' debut on U-TRAX was followed up by this magnificent EP in 1994. Today, it's considered a classic by techno-connaisseurs.

P.A. Presents

From the original 1994 press release:

This 12" is made by Peter Aarsman, Utrecht's most talented DJ. He's also a collector of electronic equipment, mainly old analogue synthesizers and he is not too fond of MIDI. As a result of this, all tracks on this record are made without sequencers or digital equipment. All tracks are only scetches, but for U-TRAX they are certainly good enough to be released.

They were recorded on ordinary cassettes that were tossed into a very big box, often without cases. On one of DJ White Delight's visits to Peter's studio (the Analog Treasure Room), Peter took some tapes out of this box and gave them to the U-TRAX label boss. "See what you think of what's on it", Peter said. Well, some of the tapes were completely empty, others contained tracks that were partially deleted by Peter's DJ-mixes, but there were also brilliant tracks on them.

Some of the tracks sounded really bad, because Peter didn't really pay attention to the red area on the cassette-deck. Because all tracks are recorded live and not one sound is saved, none of those tracks could be repeated again. So all tracks sound so-so, but still there's enough soul to discover, if you really understand what techno music is about!
There's a lot more fine material from Peter and recently he picked up recording tracks again. These tracks vary from ambient to techno and no doubt you will hear more from him later.

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Flight Stimulator is a track that Peter made with Bas Looman, who did his thing on his Roland Juno 60 synth. Normally, the combination of a 303 acid bassline and strings is not very successful, but Peter and Bas managed to reach this magic moment in which everything worked out perfectly. Unfortunatley, the track was quite messed up during the cutting-proces. Instead of sounding like an enchanting trancey track, the bassdrum disappeared to make place for an awful amount of very loud hihats, making it sound more like a nightmare for your eardrums.
Experiental is a very good example of Peter's great feel for analog gear, to be more specific: for knobs. This also goes for A Grasp. Of this beautiful track he once said that he wanted this to be played at his funeral. This expresses quite clearly how much he is attached to the music he makes. The track has been released on DROME Tapes before.
Vexillum is a track that reminds one of the first wave of Dutch techno music from two years ago. In those days, people like Speedy J, Terrace and Maurits Paardekooper based their pumping tracks on the Roland TR909 drumcomputer. This track doesn't sound outdated however, and it is very well recieved on the dancefloors so far. May be this tracks can compensate the tragic loss of the magic of Flight Stimulator. By-the-way: the error in the last part of the tracks (drums and bassline are not running synchronically for a few seconds) should indicate that this is completely live...

Original vinyl release: March 1994

This EP has been remastered and re-released in October 2020 as part of a double album, click here for more details.

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