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DJ White Delight with DJ Zero One

Ditties from the White Lodge

The first ever release on U-TRAX, also one of the rare records that features U-TRAX label boss DJ White Delight as a producer.

DJ White Delight with DJ Zero One

The tracks of this sought-after release have been remastered and made available in digital form for the first time ever. The original vinyl release listed the tracks as performed by different artists, with corny names like The Happy Clappies and Jack The Knife vs. Henry The Fork.

1 UTR original vinyl labels

Hyperkinetic is an old track that depicts a day in the life of an hyperactive kid, before Ritalin become en vogue. The rhythm is based on a silly dance that one of White Delight’s university professors used to make and it’s mostly a study that resulted in Highperspectiv. It’s just an 808, a 303 and three samples, but it came out rather trancey. High on chocolate Easter eggs and tea, DJ's White Delight and Zero One recorded this track live in the studio without having practiced once. It is known to subliminally push drivers to break the speed limit, so best not listen to this track while driving a car.
Perma Frost can do to your tweeters what Baby Ford did with woofers all over the world: destroy them. This track is meant to be cold and annoying by using a bass drum and other than that only (very) high tones. Even the 303 is used as an ice-machine by pitching it up.
O.D.M. is the producers’ interpretation of a commercial dance-track. Highly inspired by contemporary swingthings from Chicago, they even used a 909! The result turned out to be a rather aggressive and bass-heavy tune that thumps the air out of the dancing crowd. To their delight, it was played by some of their heroes from Detroit and it inspired Richie Hawtin to make his Train-Tracs (as Fuse on Warp Records).

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Original vinyl release: May 1993
Remasters available for digital purchase and streaming: February 28, 2020.



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