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Maarten & Tjeerd

Lunetten EP

Created by Dutch techno veterans Maarten van der Vleuten and Tjeerd Verbeek, this is one of the three last U-TRAX releases of the 90s; releases that marked a new, more intense musical direction for the label and that are all very dear to us personally.

Maarten & Tjeerd

When this record was first released back in 1996, it came with an hilarious press release that had something to do with a hidden data track featuring the voice controlled web browser U-Scape. As outdated this nonsense is now, the music still sounds fresh like with most U-TRAX original releases from the 90s.


Maarten and Tjeerd at one point got together and composed some soothing, yet dark and deep techno-tracks with an ambient feel to them.
MT34 makes you feel you're walking across an Indian marketplace, with snake charmers playing their characteristic sounds, backed by some jumpy 909-rhythms, while Winter sounds like the darkest Icelandic winter storm you can imagine. 101 was singled out in the infamous 1996 press release as the data-track containing the U-Scape browser. Coincidentally, it is quite pleasant to listen to! It sounds like an experimental track with crispy clear ultra-low and extremely high pitched sounds. The flipside brings you the melancholic and gripping Ice and the old-school and tranquilizing ambient track Fusion.

The Lunetten EP is right on the straight line from Intense Music to Quite Deep Music, and we recommend a daily dose!

Download this EP or buy the vinyl at:

Original release date: November 1996.
Available again on vinyl: July 5, 2019.
Remasters available for digital purchase and streaming: July 5, 2019.



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