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PA Presents

Salicylic Acid

This lengthy record marks the recording debut of the only U-TRAX artist that was actually born and bred in the city of Utrecht: Peter Aarsman, aka PA Presents.

PA Presents

From the original 1993 press release:

This 43 minute (mini)-LP is made by Peter Aarsman, Utrecht's most talented DJ. He's also a collector of old analogue synthesizers and is not too fond of MIDI.
As a result of this, all tracks on this record a made without sequencers. Melodies are played in appregiators and triggered by drummachines. All tracks are only sketches, but for U-TRAX they are certainly good enough to be released.
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Because all tracks are recorded live and not one sound is saved, none of those tracks can be repeated again. Unfortu­nately, ordinary cassettes were used to master them, not regarding the red area on the cassette-deck. Therefore, all tracks sound like shit, but still there's enough soul to discover, if you're a techno lover! None of the tracks had titles up to five minutes before they were pressed, so most of them have codenumbers that indicate the tape where they were on. There's a lot more fine material from Peter and his second U-TRAX release is already scheduled.
1B1 Mesomorph is a very long and deep track. You'll notice a breakdown at about 10 minutes, but suddenly Peter realised that he liked it so much what he was doing, that he decided to just continue with it. Beware of your speakers at the end!
Pop is a straight dance-track with jumpy beats and was released on DROME Tapes no. 2 before. Not Peter's favorite, but most people pick this one out as theirs.
Theme was originally meant to be released on DROME Tapes no. 3, but now it shows up on U-TRAX. Another long and deep song with loads of strings, that may well fit as a soundtrack (theme) to some movie.
1B3 Vera S. is named after Peter's girlfriend and is his first track in which he actually uses his sampler, instead of leaving it collecting dust in a corner of his studio.
7A3 Ducking is a real pile of awful noise, without being hardcore. A weird track, put on this record to annoy you (or wake you up?).

Original vinyl release: May 1993

This mini-LP has been remastered and re-released in October 2020 as part of a double album, click here for more details.

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