[20 UTR QDM7/8/9]

P.A. Presents

Flight Acid/Salicylic Stimulator

Flight Acid/Salicylic Stimulator is an enhanced re-release of Peter Aarsman’s first two releases on U-TRAX: Salicylic Acid (1993, 2 UTR PET 1) and Flight Stimulator (1994. 6 UTR PET 2). And for the first time in U-TRAX history, this album is also available on CD and cassette, including bonus material!

P.A. Presents

Both of the original vinyl releases have been sold out and are still sought after. For this double 12” re-release, the titles of both EP have been mashed up.

The physical releases has two covers. The design is created in such a way, that when the physical copy is flipped over, the other side can serve as a cover also. One cover bears the title Flight Acid, the other Salicylic Stimulator. One track from 2 UTR has been left out of this re-release: Ducking was basically a pile of terrible noise and was included in the original release for exactly that reason, as if to underline the quirkiness of the label. The re-release is primarily aimed at the home listener, the casual lover of electronic dance music, so sacrificing Ducking only made sense.


It also provided the cutter of the vinyl edition the opportunity to make a much deeper cut. Combined with the remastering by Thee J Johanz and some restauration of the tracks, Peter’s first songs now sound better than ever before. All tracks from the original 2 UTR release were recorded in the early 90s on cassette, using only analog gear. Being the typical chaotic person that Peter is, these cassette recordings were the only versions available, no settings or stems had ever been saved. In some cases the recordings were heavily overloaded, causing very audible distortion in the recordings, which we have to removed as much as possible for this re-release.


The release kicks off with Mesopmorph, an effervescent, nostalgic cut with a deeply buried techno rhythm that eventually takes over in tribal style. Pop is a brilliantly tense and dense track wired up with fizzing synths, chattering claps and haunting effects as well as pending drums, then Theme is cosmic industrial, with powerful hits and metallic sounds married to searching laser synths.
Vera S is classic 90s techno with mad vocal sounds and frantic synth lines darting about the mix, then things grow deeper and more heady on the stripped back intergalactic journey that is Flight Simulator. The timelessness continues on the dancing analogue drums and hi hats of the classic Detroit styled Experiental and A Gasp before Vexillum brings more warm solar winds and molten techno grooves.

 20UTR_P.A. Presents_Mockup_FA_DigipackCompilatie_UTRAX_421x400

Both the digital and CD release have a bonus track in the dopey-trancey Long Metal, one of Peter’s own favorites, that was also made in the 90s, but had never been released. With pounding kicks and skewed synths it evokes a real sense of space travel, bringing th total playing time to 75 minutes.

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The cassette release also includes this bonus track, plus the deleted track Ducking, making it a highly collectable and limited 80 minutes long sonic experience.

Download this album or buy the vinyl, CD or cassette at:

Available on limited edition ash grey heavyweight double vinyl, CD and cassette: 23 October 2020.
Available for download and streaming: 23 October 2020.

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