[9 UTR QDM22/23/24]


From A 20th Century Box

Hot on the heels of his Unidentified Pathos EP release, quirky Utrecht producer Arno Peeters, aka Sp@sms, presents the full-length album From A 20th Century Box, featuring sound collages and electro, techno and acid tracks that are both retro and futuristic.


Like the title suggests, this album contains previously unreleased material from the archives of the Dutch dance pioneer, known by most for his releases on Djax-Up-Beats in the early 90s.


Opener Pathos was originally produced in 1991, making it 31 years old today. Yet, the acid-infused, dark techno track still sounds urgent and very suitable for modern dancefloors. Bloody Mary took a classic EBM (Electronic Body Music) approach for her remix, which works perfectly for this track.
From 1992 comes Bossanova, in which the rhythm from the Casio SK-1 toy-sampler is used in such a way, that it almost sounds like repetitive tribal drums. CEM Traxx 1 (2003) is a melancholic electro trip through a scorching landscape, followed by the unusually clean (for Arno’s standards at least) acid track Titanic from 1991, that was originally produced for a Random XS EP, the band Arno once founded with DJ Zero One.


Then the madness gets going, with the 1993 track Bossanova (cut short), which is a version of the original in which all nasty and noisy dub-tricks that Arno had up his sleeve have been applied. Coopertest from 1992 is the first sound collage on this album and it sees a gorgeous sample from Twin Peaks’ agent Cooper being combined with a pile of crazy music samples that couldn’t be more different from each other. Arno made this track with his long-time friend Leendert Douma, and reports that they were under the influence of certain substances can be confirmed nor denied.

Unidentified Urban started out as a radio-commercial for Peter Stuyvesant in 2003, and was later rebuilt by Arno into a nice old-school electro track. In the Cosmic Force remix of this song, the melancholic synthesizer chords take main stage, combined with pumping electro beats, a 303 bassline and some sick Miami Vice-like 80s drums in the break.
What follows is perhaps the strangest piece of music you have ever heard. In the 1991 sound collage LocomoTangoSinus, Arno managed to mix Dutch and Argentinian folklore music and turn it into a fascinating composition. His conceptual approach to music gets exposed further in NeuroMatrix V1 from 1996, in which he imagined a future where music gets controlled directly by our neurons. For the twelve-minute space-dub-trip Wow ‘n Flutter (1996), Arno teamed up with Bart Rovers, with whom he previously made the African Nightflight EP on U-TRAX in 1996.


In Tribe 333 from 1992, Peeters violated every rule from the early 90s, by combining acid with humor. The album is closed by a final sound collage, that was actually not made in the 20th century. The 2012 composition Words with the Shaman however is one of Arno’s personal favorites and the spooky track is a worthy closer for this totally unique album.

The album comes in three different editions, with the vinyl version containing the remixes of Pathos by Bloody Mary and Unidentified Urban by Cosmic Force.
The CD and digital version boast the original versions of these tracks, plus two additional tracks: CEM Traxx 1 and Titanic V1, both previously released on vinyl in 2019, as part of the Titanic EP.
Finally, the cassette version more or less has the same track list as the CD/digi version, but has both aforementioned remixes and DJ Zero One’s Underwater Dub of Titanic, the original full-length version of Bossanova, plus one more bonus track in the rugged Understand dope for what it really is.


The vinyl edition boasts a 180 grams, colored, double disc set in a full-color gatefold sleeve. Both discs come in a full-color inner sleeve, one that contains a long and open-hearted interview label-owner DJ White Delight had with Arno Peeters, a very personal story that covers his complete career as a music producer and sound smith. The other inner sleeve presents in-depth notes, comments and backgrounds for all tracks on the album.
For the CD, that has a total playing time of 75 minutes and comes in a beautiful digipack, the interview and track notes are converted to a full-color 24-page booklet. The cassette will have full-color on-body print and comes in a plastic-free Maltese cross fold-up sleeve.

Available on limited edition randomly colored 'eco' heavyweight double vinyl [9 UTR QDM23], digipack CD with 24 page booklet [9 UTR QDM22] and cassette [9 UTR QDM24], and or download and streaming: July 29, 2022.

Photography by Iris Hoenderbos, Art on Location.
Designed by Marieke Botterman, Botterman Ontwerp.
Mastered for vinyl by Johanz Westerman, Ballyhoo Studio Mastering.
Mastered for cassette and CD/digital by Arno Peeters, Tape TV Productions.

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