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Unidentified Pathos EP

Dutch dance pioneer Sp@sms returns to U-TRAX with previously unreleased work, and added remixes by Bloody Mary and Cosmic Force.


Utrecht based Arno Peeters, aka Sp@sms, returns to U-TRAX with a new EP that is a prelude to his upcoming full-length album ‘From A 20th Century Box. As the title suggests, that album will contain previously unreleased material from the archives of the Dutch dance pioneer, known by most for his releases on Djax-Up-Beats in the early 90s.
The ‘Unidentified Pathos EP’ features two album tracks, both receiving a remix treatment: opener ‘Pathos’ is remixed by Berlin based, French DJ and producer Bloody Mary and ‘Unidentified Urban’ by Utrecht’s hottest electro commodity Cosmic Force.

Pathos was originally produced in 1991, making it 31 years old today. Yet, the acid-infused, dark techno track still sounds urgent and very suitable for modern dancefloors. Bloody Mary took a classic EBM (Electronic Body Music) approach for her remix, which works perfectly for this track. The result is a pumping dance-track with a distinct retro sound, but with 2022 production quality, that will certainly rock the floors.

Unidentified Urban originally started out as a radio-commercial for Peter Stuyvesant, for the African market. The project started around 2003 but never ended up being used in the commercial, due to internal struggles at the advertising agency. Later, Arno decided to add some more elements to it, which resulted in this subtle, old-school electro track. He then forgot all about it and when he was cleaning up his archives years later, he found the track again. Having forgotten what it was, he thought it was an unreleased track from the sessions he had with Frank de Groodt (aka Fastgraph, Sonar Base, Pieces of a Pensive State of Mind, amongst others). The two producers released two EPs on Djax in the 90s under the moniker Urban Electro, hence he named the track ‘Unidentified Urban’.
Label boss DJ White Delight asked Utrecht electro sensation Cosmic Force to remix the track, focusing on the melancholic but underexposed synthesizer chords in the original. As was to be expected, he turned the track into a straight banger, adding pumping electro beats, a 303 bassline and some sick ‘Miami Vice’-like 80s drums in the break.

Listen to and download this EP:

Available for digital purchase and streaming: July 1st, 2022.

Original versions mastered by Arno Peeters.
Remixes mastered by Ballyhoo Studio Mastering.
Photography by Art on Location.
Graphic design by Botterman Ontwerp.

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