[21 UTR QDM13/14/15]

Thavius Beck

Cosmic Noise

Since our first contact with NYC based producer Thavius Beck in 2018, he sent us over 100 unreleased tracks, or beats, as he calls them. 25 of them have been selected for releases on U-TRAX, good for over 2 hours of music, across the Lovesick EP and this album, Cosmic Noise.

Thavius Beck

The tracks vary in style a lot, but what they have in common is that they either are moody – in U-TRAX lingo: deep - or they are drum heavy. The common denominator would probably be ‘experimental/instrumental hip-hop’, reminiscent of producers like Flying Lotus.


People have tried all sorts of comparisons to pinpoint Thavius’ sound, ranging from ‘between DJ Shadow and Orbital’ and ‘a mix of Massive Attack and The Orb’. None of these are spot on, yet quite a few of these tracks feel like a happy marriage between hip-hop beats and techno sounds.


Despite the fact that some tracks are 20 years old and have been made with widely different gear (The Principle of Rhythm was even made on a PlayStation 1), this selection sounds remarkably balanced, yet diverse.

From the irresistible single Lovesick/Still Sick to the dark and massive Birdsong (that echoes the sound of his popular song ‘Atmos’), and from the head-nodding Work! to the soothing Reunited With The All - if this collection showcases anything, it’s Thavius’ brilliant production and composing skills, as well as his wizard-level sampling techniques. The result is a luscious electronic music album with a broad appeal.


The album is available in four different formats, with different tracklistings for the CD, vinyl and cassette releases.
The digital and CD version treat the listener to 18 tracks, with the cassette offering 2 more bonus tracks for a total of 20 tracks. The vinyl edition presents 15 tracks across two beautiful blue-and-smoke colored discs.

The stunning artwork is a painting from NYC artist Sfera Louis.

Download this album or buy the vinyl, CD or cassette at:

Available on limited edition digipack CD [21 UTR QDM13] and cassette [21 UTR QDM15]: 9 July 2021.
Available on limited edition transparent smoke blue heavyweight double vinyl[21 UTR QDM14]: 22 October 2021.
Available for download and streaming: 9 July 2021.

Designed by Marieke Botterman, Botterman Ontwerp.
Mastered for vinyl/cassette and CD/digital by Johanz Westerman, Ballyhoo Studio Mastering.

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