[7 UTR AWAX 2]

The AWAX Foundation

Bits of Earwax from the AWAX-Files

This was the last U-TRAX release of the 90s, once again featuring tracks by U-TRAX label boss DJ White Delight, along with DJ Zero One and TJ Tape TV (aka Sp@sms).

The AWAX Foundation

The three formed a foundation for a few years, a cooperation that ended in 1996. The original plan was to create an album from the several unreleased tracks that the three AWAX members had lying around, called Earwax from the AWAX Files. That album never materialized, but some tracks did make it to this EP that was released on vinyl in 1997 in a limited edition of 300. This release is sold out, but the four tracks have now been remastered and made available in digital form for the first time ever.

7UTR original label A+B-side

Song is made by DJ Zero One and Sp@sms, who together were the original members of acid/techno outfit Random XS. Still one of our favorite U-TRAX tracks today, it reflects the magic the two could create live on stage back in the early 90s. This track shows a perfect combination of the funky approach of acid and techno by Zero One, with the dark and spacey soundscapes that Sp@sms is known for.
Khöömiy is considered by some as a highlight in Zero One’s oeuvre, though quite different to much of his other work. The dubby track is marked by On U-Sound-like rhythms and a heavy bassline played by Mark Huiskamp, mixed beautifully with mesmerizing Mongolian overtone singing.
Framing is what you get if you lock up two producers with ADHD in small studio. DJ White Delight and Sp@sms together remixed an older track by Sp@sms and made it into a nervous acid affair, featuring a Kawai 100F monophonic analog synthesizer and a vintage spring reverb.
The EP is closed off by the curiously named Never Take A Wrong Turn When You're In The Jungle, by DJ White Delight. It’s defined by some furious 808 programming that, with the right amount of overload on the mixer and the help of two turntables, came out sounding rather tribal.

Both Khöömiy and Never Take A Wrong Turn When You're In The Jungle had previously appeared on the first release on Drome Tapes, the spiritual predecessor of U-TRAX. Later both tracks became part of the CultureClash Utrecht radio show the trio made in 1992 for London based cult record label Irdial Discs and that was released 25 years later on Lost Futures.

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Original vinyl release: January 1997
Remasters available for digital purchase and streaming: April 8, 2020.



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