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The Connection Machine

The Dream Tec Album

The third release on U-TRAX in 1993 was also a third debut record, this time by Natasja Hagemeier and Jeroen Brandjes. Early in their career, they used several artist names, but became most commonly known as The Connection Machine.

The Connection Machine

With their debut mini-album The Dream Tec Album they more or less described their style: dreamy techno. It became an instant Dutch techno classic and U-TRAX is proud and delighted to offer a fully remastered re-release, including three never before released bonus tracks (one of which is digital-only).
All tracks on The Dream Tec Album are The Connection Machine’s earliest works, from the 1991/1992 years.

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An Overflow of the Mind is a beautiful, dreamy track with almost divine sounds and strange voice-samples that serves perfectly as an introduction to their entire repertoire.
Their first ever production was 24 Hours, a sinister and trancey rug, woven of sampled sounds from pioneers in electronic music and nailed down to the floor with a deep pounding bass drum.
Evilish Cosmos is all about a very sad and personal emotion, so words will not do it justice. Just listen to the meandering piano line, distorted voice samples - and feel it.
The first bonus track on this release is Recognized Pain, which was intended to be part of the original The Dream Tec Album. It truly is an amazing track: pure sonic terror with haunting rhythms, psychedelic synth lines and shards of voice samples that make the listener feel slightly uncomfortable.

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X_Manray is many electronic music lover’s favorite track. It is sooo deep that it is hard not to get hypnotized by it. Warm strings are coupled with deep beats that show up and disappear every now and then.
Though Braindrain is probably the most danceable track on this album, it is carefully designed to tease the listener. Everything in this track drops in too late and every tone, melody or loop last exactly a few bars too long.
The second bonus track, Café d’Anvers, is another previously unreleased work, of which unfortunately no master recording was saved. All that is left, as far as we know, was an old VHS Hifi tape from the U-TRAX Archives. And that is where this bonus track was taken from. The quality of the recording has been somewhat restored, while at the same time maintaining its dark, clubby sound - a tribute to the famous club of the track’s name in Antwerp, Belgium.
Dream Affected Dream is one of the most recent pieces in this vintage collection. It was recorded with CNN playing live on top of it. At this exact moment, CNN was having an interview with David Koresh, the leader of the infamous Branch Davidians sect from Waco, Texas, while they were under siege by an armed police force. Natasja and Jeroen were just ready to record Dream Affected Dream, and spontaneously decided to mix in the audio from CNN. Not very long after that, the cult members set fire to themselves. A very strange and oddly funky track, that also serves as an eery time-document.
The final track is another bonus track. Voight-Kampff is also taken from on old U-TRAX VHS Hifi tape and masterfully mastered into a lovely relaxed dreamtech piece. Very suitable to start the Sunday after a long night of clubbing. This track is available for free to buyers of the complete digital album only.

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Original release date: July 1993
Re-press available on double black 180 grams vinyl and limited edition double ultramarine 180 grams vinyl: 19 April 2019
Remasters, bonus tracks and digital-only bonus track available for download and streaming: 19 April 2019
Vinyl comes with 30x30 cm insert art, designed by the artist. Re-mastered and mastered (the bonus tracks) by Bally Hoo Studios.

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