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The Connection Machine

The Dreamtec Album

This marvellous techno band, with members Natasja Hagemeier and Jeroen Brandjes, also debuted on U-TRAX.

The Connection Machine

From the original 1993 press release:

This release was made by Natasja Hagemeier and Jeroen Brandjes from Utrecht. She used to play classical piano and he used to play in a punk-band. Being bartenders in a local club, they got interested more and more in dance-music. Two years ago they assembled all their ideas and recorded the track '24 Hours' with DJ Paradize (who was a resident DJ in the same club). Soon after this experience, they started to buy their own stuff. It's all strictly MIDI, and for some reason most of it is made by Yamaha. They have no Roland instruments in their studio, which is quite unusual for house producer.
They have three producer-names (Syndrome, The Connection Machine and Bitch&Bites), that are all collected in this one project called The Utroid Machine Missions. Please don't ask me why.
The tracks on this album are actually all 'early works' from about a year, a year-and-a-half old. Nowadays, their style is developed much further and they made over 50 tracks, almost all very good ones too! Unfortunately for U-TRAX, it will most probably impossible to keep these very talented people at the label. So don't be surprised to see them show up on some other label somewhere else in the world some day soon.
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An Overflow of the Mind is a beautiful, dreamy track with almost divine sounds and strange voice-samples, that serves perfectly as an introduction to their entire repertoire.
24 Hours was their first production and what a briliant one it is too! A well-known jazz-musician talks about a '24 hour party going on', on top of a sinister and trancy rug, woven of sampled sounds from pioneers in electronic music and nailed down to the floor with a deep pounding bassdrum. At the time they made this track, 141 bpm was unbelievably fast. Times sure have changed...
Evilish Cosmos is all about a very sad and personal emotion, so everything I say about it will be absolutely wrong. Just listen to it and try to find out what they try to express with it.
X_Manray is soo deep that you really have to watch out not to get hypnotised by it. Warm strings are coupled with deep beats that show up and disappear every now and then. Could serve perfectly to start off any DJ's set, as long as she or he has the guts.
Braindrain is a very dancable track that is carefully designed to tease the listener. Everything in this track comes in too late and every tone, melody or loop last exactly a few bars too long. Designed as a DJ-teaser and so it is.
Dream Affected Dream is one of their latest productions. It was recorded with CNN playing live on top of it. At this exact moment, they were having an interview with David Koresh, the leader from this cult from Texas. Not very long after that, they set fire to themselves. A very strange and even more interesting track, that also serves as a time-document.

Original vinyl release: July 1993

This album has been remastered and re-released in April 2019, click here for more details.

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