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Various Artists

R U There Yet? U-TRAX 20/20 Vision

U-TRAX proudly presents its first ever compilation album, featuring a mix of tracks from its 90s roots, as well as new, never before released music. Compiled by Detroit producer Qmoog a.k.a. Roy Parker, this collection features artists from across the spectrum of modern music.

Various Artists

R U There Yet? U-TRAX 20/20 Vision is the culmination of years of electronic artistry into one mixtape by an international collective of producers. In the tradition of mixtapes, it showcases a track by each artist that is uniquely different from the other, offering a blueprint for the future of electronic music collaborations. However, the future is now, R U there yet?


From the moment U-TRAX re-emerged in 2018, label boss DJ White Delight has been in touch with many of his old heroes, including Detroit producer Roy ‘Green’ Parker, a.k.a. Qmoog. Parker is best known by techno connoisseurs for his leftfield releases on Rhythm-Tech and SSR, combining jazz and techno with ethereal vocals.
When played a few of the forthcoming U-TRAX albums, Parker got enthusiastic about the new direction of the label, recognizing that the crossing of boundaries will be the future of electronic music. That’s when he suggested to create a ‘mixtape’ and eventually wound up curating it.


The compilation features eight tracks from the U-TRAX 90s archive by techno favorites like The Connection Machine, Tick Trax and Sonar Base, two tracks from last year (by Sp@sms and P.A. Presents) and four brand new tracks from forthcoming U-TRAX albums. One of which is made by Parker himself, a sensual tech-house hybrid that reminds one of Parker’s fellow Techno City producer Blake Baxter. The mixtape also features an instrumental hip-hop track by New York rapper/producer Thavius Beck, the 80 BPM electro chill-out opener by Los Angeles producer Nuklear Prophet and an upbeat, bordering on poppy remix Dutch electro producer w1b0 made for the alternative rockband Mr Joe Abe.

All tracks received a fresh new mastering treatment by Thee J Johanz of Bally Hoo Studios for this release.
Graphic design by Qmoog & Botterman Ontwerp.

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