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Nov 23, 2018

Hack 'm: U-TRAX playlist on Spotify

Many people use Sportify for their convenience, or as a place to discover new music. Unfortunately, Spotify today still doesn't offer hotlinks to record labels. So we created a playlist.

Asked the Spotify team at ADE when on earth they are going to provide hotlinks to record labels, they reacted like "Hey, that might be a good idea!". So let's just assume this will take a while before that ever happens. While most other digital stores and streaming services do support label links, Spotify condemns us to using user-unfriendly search commands and then still returns so-so results.

That is why we created a playlist on Spotify, so you can easily listen to our tracks without having to do all that cumbersome search stuff. Ironically, this playlist somehow is hard to find by searching on Spotify, so we have pasted it here for you:

(In case you see nothing, you may have a blocker active in your browser that blocks the embedded Spotify playlist. Just whitelist open.spotify.com in your blocker and you are good to go.)

New tracks will be added on regular basis, along with each new digital release. Just click on Follow at the top of the playlist and you'll get a notification from Spotify when fresh (U-)trax have been added.

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