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Dec 7, 2018

Out now: The Connection Machine on Phoq U

U-TRAX label favorites and Dreamtec pioneers The Connection Machine also ventured into the raw universe of Phoq U Phonogrammen, as Cray Emoticon.

The Connection Machine band members Natasja Hagemeier and Jeroen Brandjes signed up for the third release on the untamed U-TRAX sublabel Phoq U Phonogrammen. As Cray Emoticon, they present the world with four hectic 808/303 trax, all mixed in a dirty way, with tons of reverb on the 303. This is acid as raw as it can get!

Later today, the remastered versions will be available for the first time in digital form, for purchase and streaming at most of the major digital music stores and streaming services, like Amazon Music.
Meanwhile, have a look at the record's entry at the Discography section for further details, or jump to the info page for some background on Phoq U Phonogrammen.

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