U-TRAX Multi Vinyl Pack sleeve 2019_800x400.jpg
Jan 18, 2019

Behold: the new multi vinyl sleeve

Just like back in 1997, we did not have a U-TRAX sleeve yet that could hold more than one record. Having lost our CorelDraw5 'skills' a long time ago, we asked young Utrecht artist Robin Bonk for help.

We first got to see Robin's work in a nearby screenprint shop De Katoenfabriek. For 3 months, he was one of four resident artists that made T-shirt designs for the shop. The series of 'Personalities' that he created for De Katoenfabriek reminded us of famous Dutch graphic genius M.C.Escher. The series is still available for sale at the Katoenclub.

These two designs particularly appealed to us:

The Individualist

The Individualist

The Achiever


We asked Robin to create the artwork for our new Multi Vinyl Pack outer sleeve, based on our admiration for the above designs.
As anticipated, he came up with something radically different to anything we had ever done before. He basically created a head built up from one ribbon. We look at the head from above and the skull is empty, as if we could expect brains to pop up from the hole any second. The empty skull of course leaves room for the labels of the upcoming double vinyl releases that will be inserted in this sleeve.
The ribbon returns at the back of the sleeve, where we once again refrained from listing our release schedule, as we learned from the 90s few things are as fluid as a record label's release schedule.

Everything is drawn by hand and one of the techniques Robin used for this art is pointillism. You can imagine this design wasn't exactly made on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Visit Robin's website for more stunning art. The first release that will be shipped in this sleeve will be next week's Sonar Bases 4 - 10 re-release by Sonar Base, aka Frank de Groodt.
Our plan is to keep working with young local talent for our long list of upcoming (re)releases, so be prepared for more fresh and surprising artwork in the future!

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