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Oct 1, 2018


U-TRAX is back after 21 years. This calls for a new website!

After 21 years of hibernation, we are back to amaze lovers of electronic music and spread confusion on dancefloors all over the world.
We will re-issue some goodies from our stock, re-press those that are out of stock and... release new music!
That's not all: we will also remaster our entire backcatalog from the 90s and make them availaible digitally one by one, so everyone can listen to them and buy them. No turntable? No excuse! has been offline for almost 5 years and we are happy to once again make this a safe haven where you can read about the latest developments, info about our releases and artists.

Rest assured you can find us on social media as well, for some regular fascinating-slash-nonsensical updates:


A Bandcamp page with cool special offers is in the making for January 2019.

What else can we say than... stay tuned and come back regularly! Which probably comes down to the same thing, we guess.

Latest Releases

Sp@sms - From A 20th Century Box
[9 UTR QDM22/23/24]
From A 20th Century Box
Sp@sms - Unidentified Pathos EP
[14 UTR QDM21]
Unidentified Pathos EP
Qualia - Qualia EP
[28 UTR QDM20]
Qualia EP