Jul 5, 2019

Out now: Maarten van der Vleuten and Tjeerd Verbeek on U-TRAX

Dutch techno veterans created one of the three last U-TRAX releases of the 90s that together marked a new, more intense musical direction for the label.

In the mid nineties, Maarten and Tjeerd got together and composed some soothing, yet dark and deep techno-tracks with an ambient feel to them.
As outdated as the label artwork looks, the music still sounds fresh like with most U-TRAX original releases from the 90s.

The title of the 5-track EP is inspired by the area in Utrecht where Tjeerd and U-TRAX label boss DJ White Delight used to live in, as well as the area with the same name in Vught, where Maarten lived at the time.
Tjeerd then was very successful as Trance Induction and Pyrex Detox, and had just founded his own record-label Desert Rose Industries. Maarten's collected works include hundreds of tracks, using 40+ aliases, like Major Malfunction, In Existence and Flux. He too had then just started his own record-label, named Signum Recordings.
Like U-TRAX, both producers have been releasing new material on their old labels in recent years.

More details on this release you can find on our Discography page.

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