Sep 2, 2019

Quite Deep Radio - with subtitles

In case you did not understand all the nonsense in the first edition of our Quite Deep Radio Show on StandedFM, check out the subtitled version on our YouTube channel.

Felt locked out becasue you do not understand Dutch and couldn't follow what was said during the first hour of the U-TRAX Quite Deep Radio show that we had on March 29 on Stranded FM with one of the original U-TRAX artists and Utrecht DJ legend Peter Aarsman aka PA Presents? Don't worry, nobody understood much of it, because we forgot to speak straight in the mic!

So with the help of some able lip readers, that show is now finally available with English subtitles.
Enjoy a full hour of precious memories and damn fine music. 

Also don't forget to check out the second hour, a vinyl DJ mix by the man himself, DJ P.A. Presents!

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