Oct 11, 2019

Out now: Sp@sms returns with some fresh vintage tracks

Dutch dance pioneer Arno Peeters allowed us some shopping time in his archives and this is what we found!

With his first release as EBM outfit Voltage Control on Antler Subway in 1989, sound artist and radio man Arno Peeters can easily be considered one of the first Dutch dance producers.
Influenced by hip hop, electro and acid house, and his uncontrollable urge to experiment, he moved on to produce techno. Disappointed by the genre’s conventions, he rather suddenly stopped with dance music altogether around 1995, letting a wealth of DATs with unreleased material collect dust in his studio.

On his first new techno release since more than two decades, Arno presents us a nice cross section of his dance productions, serving you some acid, techno and electro, from as early as 1991 on this Titanic EP.

More details on this release you can find on our Discography page. Read more about Arno on our Artists page.

Available everywhere for download and streaming. Downloads, as well as black and limited edition iceberg colored vinyl versions are for sale on our Bandcamp page:

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