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Nov 22, 2019

Out now: otherworldly sounds by Arno Peeters & Bart Rovers

In 1996 the duo teamed up with to form African Nightflight and create an amazing EP that still forms its very own category.

The two sound scientist at large made five stunning tracks that are hard to define, let alone to categorize. ‘Otherworldly’ perhaps is a fair attempt.
Arno Peeters of course is well-known for his releases as Sp@sms on Djax in the 90s and recently on U-TRAX.

More details on this release you can find on our Discography page, or jump to the info page for some history and backgrounds of U-TRAX.

This was the first of the final three releases of U-TRAX in the 90s, together with EPs by Maarten & Tjeerd and Sonar Base, that heralded a new and quite deep form electronic (dance) music. All three were released after the infamous collapse of the industry of Summer 1996, so none of them were sold out at the time, but they are all very dear to us.

All tracks have been remastered for downloading and streaming, for the first time ever.
A limited amount of the original vinyl copies are also available again through our distributor Triple Vision Distribution and on our Bandcamp page (also for downloads):

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