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Feb 28, 2020

Out now: the inaugural U-TRAX release remastered

Back in May 1993, two techno enthousiasts stranded along the highway with their antique van. In the back was their joint release - and also the first release on U-TRAX.

The first ever U-TRAX release was produced by label boss DJ White Delight himself, with fellow Utrecht DJ Zero One. They had just bought an old van to drive to gigs - and to pick up the first U-TRAX vinyl from a slightly spooky pressing plant in Belgium. On their way to the distributor, the van died and they ended up with no money and 1500 records along the highway, trying to trade records for coffee at a nearby gas station.

The rest is history, as they say. U-TRAX went on to release 19 more records in the mid nineties and after a 21 year hiatus, we started releasing old and new music again in 2019.
For those who like vintage techno and classic acid, these original four tracks have been remastered and are available now for download for the first time ever.

More details on this release you can find on our Discography page.

Available everywhere for download and streaming, like on our Bandcamp page:

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