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Apr 8, 2020

Out now: our last release of the 90s remastered

U-TRAX label boss DJ White Delight formed The AWAX Foundation in the 90s with DJ Zero One and Sp@sms. This cooperation ended in 1996, which made this 1997 release a musical testament of sorts.

The original plan was to create an album from the several unreleased tracks that the three AWAX members had lying around, called Earwax from the AWAX Files. That album never materialized, but some tracks did make it to this EP that was released on vinyl in 1997 in a limited edition of 300.

The four tracks on this EP have all been produced in different line-ups and each track has a totally different style. From hypnotizing techno to mesmerizing On-U Sound-like dub, hyperactive acid and fierce tribal sounds, this record has been recognized by a happy few as a versatile feast for ears and feet alike.

After this 20th release, U-TRAX went in hibernation for 21 years, before we started releasing old and new music again in 2018.
For those who are into timeless vintage vibes, these original four tracks have been remastered and are available now for download for the first time ever. 

More details on this release you can find on our Discography page.

Available everywhere for download and streaming, like on our Bandcamp page:

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