Oct 3, 2018

We has a distributor

Releasing records is one thing, selling them another. We found Triple Vision prepared to help us with the latter.

Triple Vision Distribution, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, started out as a small drum 'n bass record shop at Rotterdam's famous Nieuwe Binnenweg, home to many a recordshop back in them days.
In the past 20+ years they weathered quite a few storms, but came out stronger each time, growing into the biggest Dutch distributor for independent techno, drum 'n bass and more.

Triple Vision will take care of the production and distribution of the physical releases, mastering and promotion of most forthcoming U-TRAX releases. Most importantly, they will also take care of all of our digital distribution, for which they use the Fuga platform, the largest independent digital distributor in the world. This means our tracks will be available on a large number of digital stores and streaming services, including all the bigger ones.

And in the end, that is why we are a record label - we believe in the music we put out and want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to listen to it.

Latest Releases

Sp@sms - From A 20th Century Box
[9 UTR QDM22/23/24]
From A 20th Century Box
Sp@sms - Unidentified Pathos EP
[14 UTR QDM21]
Unidentified Pathos EP
Qualia - Qualia EP
[28 UTR QDM20]
Qualia EP