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May 11, 2021

Endtroducing Thavius Beck - pre-order now!

We are proud to announce an EP and album by Brooklyn-based producer Thavius Beck. He allowed us to dive deep in his archives and we dug up some golden nuggets!

Despite the fact that some tracks are 20 years old and have been made with widely different gear (one track was even made on a PlayStation 2), this selection sounds remarkably balanced, yet diverse.

Thavius Beck is an experimental hip-hop producer originally from Minneapolis, USA. He moved to South Central, Los Angeles when he was 16. There, he launched his career by forming the Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Global Phlowtations - producing, recording and mixing the band’s three independent projects.
After a few releases under the name Adlib, he began putting out musical collages under his own name in the mid-2000s. He released five albums under his own name on labels like Mush, Big Dada and Plug Research, and also produced albums for artists like Saul Williams and K the I???, and did some remixing for amongst others Nine Inch Nails. Nowadays, Thavius divides his time between producing music, programming music software, teaching at Berklee NYC and providing training courses in music production as a certified trainer for Ableton and Bitwig.

Beck's lush compositions, lying sonically somewhere between DJ Shadow and Orbital, blend acid jazz, hip-hop, techno, and many other styles with a knack for mellow yet mesmerizing hooks.

On June 11, the digital only Lovesick EP will be our first Thavius Beck release. The EP features six tracks, including the irresistible opening track ‘Lovesick/Still Sick’, that presents a sultry, downbeat soundtrack to Shannon’s classic vocals.
Then on July 9, the full length album Cosmic Noise will see the light of day. The album will be released as a 15 track limited edition double colored vinyl set, a 18 track digital and limited edition CD and a 20 track ultra-limited cassette.

The stunning portrait artwork is created by Brooklyn-based artist Sfera Louis and all tracks have been mastered by Thee J Johanz.

Pre-order the Lovesick EP now:

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