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Jul 7, 2021

Intergalactic FM Festival 2021 sets online now

The IFM Streaming Festival 2021 live set by The Connection Machine and DJ-sets by P.A. Presents and Nuklear Prophet can now be watched on our video channel!

The 45 minute live set by The Connection Machine, one of Holland's finest techno bands, contains some old and new material, taking you on a quite deep chill techno dub trip to the moon - and back!

Utrecht DJ Legend P.A. Presents plays a one hour long vinyl only DJ set, presenting mostly new and some old tunes in the soulful techno spectrum, closing off with his own tech house banger Sax Madness.

Then finally, LA based DJ and producer Nuklear Prophet (aka DJ Dope Erik) was simply on fire in this one hour DJ set, showing off his amazing talent at the turntables, making the chat box of the IFM Festival light up with enthusiastic reactions. This set is pretty indicative for the upcoming Nuklear Prophet releases on U-TRAX, you may even spot one or two future U-TRAX/Nuke Prophet bangers in this mix!

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