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Sep 27, 2021

Amazing radio show, DJ sets and more by Thavius Beck

To promote his new album Cosmic Noise on U-TRAX, Thavius had a few ass kicking media appearances.

Things started off with an interview on Ransom Note. This was accompanied by a very special DJ set, in which you will hear only tracks made by Thavius himself. Some appear on Cosmic Noise, or the digital-only Lovesick EP, others are unreleased material. Super exciting stuff that promises us more beautiful releases by the NYC hiphop producer.
Check this mix here:

Next, Thavius appeared on French radio station Rinse FM with a crazy eclectic DJ set that simply goes beyond definition. Play it here to get the full Beck experience:

Next up was another special radio appearance, this time presented by Thavius Beck himself, on Berlin's Refuge. In this show, Thavius plays music that has influenced him during his life. Since he also talks about it, it gives us a chance to enjoy his warm and deep voice. Makes you wish he'd pick up rapping again! Listen to this very personal radio show here:

And finally, Attack Magazine devoted an episode of their beloved Beat Dissected segment to the quirky 6/4 beats of Thavius Beck's track Coordinated Will. This feature talks about the unusual time signature and builds up the song track by track. You can even download the Ableton session and play around with the song yourself!
You will find this highly recommended feature here.

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