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Apr 15, 2022

Out now: ambient braindance from Italy

The new trio of Italian producers had to work remotely on their debut Qualia EP due to the covid pandemic - and delivered an IDM gem.

Do you like Gescom's early works as much as we do? Don't mind a pinch of Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin either? Then this new release on U-TRAX might just be your cup of tea.


Newly formed Italian band Qualia presents four tracks of quite deep electronic music on their Qualia EP. The pandemic forced Marco Simioni, Matteo Mazreku and Francesco P. Nitti to collaborate remotely, from their home studios in Italy, Switzerland and the UK respectively. Ranging from superheavy ambient, via deeeeeeeeep IDM to intense braindance, this EP is the sonic opposite of fast food. Take your time to digest it and enjoy every bite and bar!

Available on limited edition vinyl, including a 30x30cm insert designed by the artists themselves, and as digital download.
All formats are distributed worldwide by Kudos Distribution.

Read all about this release on the Discography page.

Available everywhere for download and streaming now.
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