Oct 14, 2022

Out now: w1b0's tracks remixed by Ectomorph and Human Form

Feelings of pride and sadness accompany the release of the first EP by electro giant w1b0 since his passing away.

For over two years now, U-TRAX label founder DJ White Delight has been closely working together with Utrecht area electro producer Wibo Lammerts, aka w1b0, on his forthcoming full-length debut album ‘When Humans Ruled The Earth’.
Sadly, in the midst of the production of the vinyl, CD and cassette versions of this album, Wibo unexpectedly passed away on August 15, at age 51.

2022 Wibo low-20_800x400

This left us with a most uncomfortable task ahead: releasing music by an artist who suddenly isn’t there anymore, and somehow do justice to his musical legacy. With the full support of Wibo’s family, and with a heavy heart we present ‘The Pilex Program EP’, a prelude to his upcoming album.

The EP contains two electro tracks from his forthcoming album, both receiving a remix treatment: opener Pilex Driver is remixed by Detroit duo Ectomorph and Program Yourself To Feel by Human Form, a brand new secret techno moniker of an amazing versatile electronic music artist, who has strong roots in the Utrecht dance music scene.

The grinding sounds and erratic programming in the Star Wars inspired ‘Pilex Driver’ result in a futuristic approach to electro. Ectomorph totally decomposed the original and made it into a mysterious, almost subdued, and totally brilliant electro track that sees a main role for the retro Roland CR drum machines sounds. Essential stuff for electro lovers.

‘Program Yourself To Feel’ features a playful, yet firm bassline that drives the track through a landscape of spacey strings, accompanied by a haunting voice sample. Human Form is an artist that focuses on more four-on-the-floor techno and his remix is a downright stomper that is guaranteed to rock the dancefloors this fall.

The EP also features four tracks (original versions of both tracks, plus remixes) for a total playing time of 20m23s.
All tracks have been mastered by Thee J Johanz of Bally Hoo Mastering Studio.
Graphic design by Ed van Oosterhout @Leffe Goldstein.

Read all about this release on the Discography page.

Available everywhere for download and streaming now and on our Bandcamp page:

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