Nov 11, 2022

Out now: w1b0's posthumous debut album

Dutch electro giant w1b0 sadly passed away before he could enjoy his album debut, that now becomes the premature closing chapter of his musical legacy.

 For over two years now, U-TRAX label founder DJ White Delight has been closely working together with Utrecht area electro producer Wibo Lammerts, aka w1b0, on his full-length debut album When Humans Ruled The Earth.
Sadly, in the midst of the production of the vinyl, CD and cassette versions of this album, Wibo unexpectedly passed away on August 15, at age 51.

2022 Wibo-15_800x400

Though w1b0 until recently was mostly known for his relentless, heavy electro tracks, he was eager to display his wider musical range on this album. And we think he more than succeeded with this album, that serves electro in several sophisticated varieties, but also offers some ambient techno, electro pop and even a track that takes us back to the dark side of the New Wave era of the 80s.

The double vinyl edition of the album has 11 tracks, including a remix of Pilex Driver by Detroit duo Ectomorph, while Program Yourself To Feel got the remix treatment by Human Form, the new techno moniker of a well-known electro funk artist from Utrecht.
The CD contains 15 tracks, all original versions, including four bonus tracks, forming a 75 minute long trip through the sonic world of Wibo.
Fans lucky enough to get their hands on one of the limited edition cassettes, will get the 15 tracks from the CD, with the aforementioned remixes from the vinyl replacing the original tracks, plus an extra bonus track in the hypnotiszing I Wanted You The total playing time of the cassette goes beyond the 85 minute mark.

Read more about this release and the different tracklistings for each version on the Discography page.

Listen to and buy this album at:

Artwork & design by Ed van Oosterhout, Leffe Goldstein.
Mastered by Johanz Westerman, Ballyhoo Studio Mastering.

Available on limited edition green heavyweight double vinyl [27 UTR QDM27], six-panel digipack CD [27 UTR QDM26] and cassette [27 UTR QDM28], and or download and streaming: November 11, 2022.

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