Feb 5, 2023

Quite Deep Radio 4: the early U-TRAX years

Quite Deep Radio episode four was a special one! It was part of ETMAAL - a 32 hour non-stop event by Colin Benders in TivoliVredenburg.

Live from Studio Pandora, label founder DJ White Delight celebrated 30 years of U-TRAX with a brief history of the early days of the label, in music and words.

Watch the full hour from our YouTube channel:

In the second hour, long time label artist P.A. Presents played a vinyl-only DJ set with tracks that inspired us in the late 80s and early 90s.


Enjoy this hour full of old school gems here:

Here's the full tracklist:

Lil Louis - Blackout Phase 2 (FFRR)
Lil Louis - How I Feel (Dancemania)
Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes U (Underground Resistance)
Fade To Black - The Calling (Fragile) [intended track: The Calling (Resprise)]
Reese - Just Want Another Chance (Incognito)
808 State - Flow Coma (Creed)
Phuture - Slam (Trax)
K. Alexi Shelby - All for Lee-Sha (Transmat) [intended track: My Medusa]
DJ Fast Eddie - Hip House (Deep Mix) (DJ International)
Armando - 100% of dissin' you (Armando's Dis Mix) (Warehouse)
Tronikhouse - The savage and beyond (Incognito)
Suburban Knight - The World's (Transmat) [intended track: The Art Of Stalking (Stalker Mix)]
Ron Trent - Altered States (Original Full Length Mix) (Warehouse)
Model 500 - Wanderer (Transmat) [intended track: Infoworld]
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Beyond (KK Records)
Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Beginning (Aztec Mix) (Transmat)
Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier (Underground Resistance)
LFO - Intro (Warp)

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