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Oct 12, 2018

C U at ADE 2018

For the second time, U-TRAX will be attending the Amsterdam Dance Event. Unlike last year, we will be flying straight onto the radar.

Last year we were at the ADE just to taste the atmosphere. We liked what we saw and heard and this eventually led to the reboot of U-TRAX.
Not surprisingly, we will be there again this year, though mostly to check out some of the shows at night and do some networking.

U-TRAX label boss White Delight takes advantage of the occasion and will be presenting some samples of mechandise that we are considering taking into production.

Would you be interested in getting your hands on one of the items that are ever so elegantly presented by DJWD in the pictures on this page, then please send an email to
If you would like to set up a meeting at ADE, also let us know via email please.

See you in 020, like we say in 030...

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